Products to purchase prior bringing your puppy home

  • A water bottle for drinking and keep face dry
  • A shallow bowl for eating because our kids have flat faces    (Usually you can purchase at Publix dog and cat food area)
  • Washable potty training pads ( Washable under pads for human)
  • Dog play pen ( Recommend Iris dog  play pen) Walmart Online

  • Shout to the Lord5:13

We breed healthy Shih Tzu Puppies, that will grow into the most lovable long-life companions. We also breed to achieve quality Shih Tzu to compete in the AKC conformation ring.  Any puppies that don't quite make it to the ring, are sold as a loving and healthy  pet, on spay and neuter contract. As  we only have a few litters each year, please contact us, if you want to be placed in our waiting list.

        Typical DuCiel Shih Tzu

Our Nursery